Founded as a planning office in August 2011, we recorded a rapid growth since the first year and achieved the market leadership for automatic inspection and sorting of empties in the crate. We develop and build patented inspectiob and sorting machines for the beverage industry. As a provider of system solutions we are planning complete plants.

Guaranteed solutions
The comprehensive competence of our company in the food and beverage industry is a result of the longtime affiliation in this sector and the diverse experiences of our employees. With this expertise, we are able to capture and locate the tasks and problems of our customers quickly, and develop solutions based on our system modules.

Affordable, customer-oriented solutions are created through the skillful use of modified standard industrial products. We consistently work with industrial products which provide high availability, high quality, a small producer dependency, high development speed and - last but not least – guarantee an optimum price / performance ratio. Our software-base is Windows, which guarantees a high user familiarity as well as a simple realization of customer interfaces.