Plant optimisation - efficient and profitable

With the modernisation of the sorting plant of t-log trinklogistik GmbH in Hamm, a subsidiary of EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Rhein-Ruhr mbH, vision-tec shows how an existing plant can be brought up to the latest state of the art in the shortest time and the sorting quality can be significantly increased - and this with minimum investment costs.

The sorting plant in Hamm dates from 2011 and is designed for processing 0.5 l and 0.33 l empties. Due to the large number of different types of bottles and crates (over 1,500), the system is considered one of the most complex sorting systems in German-speaking countries. The installation has deposit value inspections with which the deposit value of the incoming empties is clearly identified and assigned to the respective customer. In addition, the system has a sorting area with an empties inspection system, which distinguishes 180 crates and 52 bottles, as well as a sorting robot, with which the recognized bottles are automatically sorted in the crate.

The ever-increasing number of individual bottles and the ever-increasing mixing of empties forced EDEKA to optimise the existing system. That's where we came in:

While maintaining the existing inspection, vision-tec developed a concept in which the existing light sources were replaced by new UV lighting units with long-life and energy-saving LED technology.

In addition, our patented multi-camera system was added to the inspection system, which significantly improves recognition quality (see Fig. 1-3). The existing industrial PC was replaced by a new computer with Windows 7 operating system and the latest vision-tec software.

The entire rebuild, including re-commissioning, took vision-tec just 5 days, which - in view of the enormous variety - represents an extremely low effort and reduced the downtimes of the sorting system to a minimum. For this purpose, the systems are completely pre-configured in our company as standard, saving a great deal of time during commissioning.

EDEKA's own quality monitoring system shows the outstanding improvement after the rebuild: the average sorting quality is now 99.96% and thus 2 percentage points higher than before when operating with the old technology.

Dirk Bleck, project manager at t-log trinklogistik: "We are very satisfied with how quickly and easily the entire conversion was carried out. With the improved inspection we save considerably more time in manual re-sorting. Furthermore, the high sorting quality guarantees our customers empties ready for direct further processing. In any case, we will continue to rely on vision-tec recognition technology in the future."

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Innovative empties sorting

The BRAUWELT reported in the issue 3/2018 of the sorting plant at the Privatbrauerei Erdinger Weißbräu, which was planned and realized by vision-tec as the general contractor. The focus was on the special requirements of the brewery. How vision-tec has implemented this and how the supply of all three filling lines with pure empties in 20-, 24 - and 11- crates is ensured, you may read in the article (PDF).

Opening ceremony at Erding

Opening ceremony at Erding

On the 17.11.2017, the new filling line was inaugurated at the Privatbrauerei ERDINGER WEISSBRÄU.
Congratulations from the entire vision-tec team!

Thus, now our biggest general contractor project is completed: vision-tec built the central sorting plant for the 50 million euro project which ensures the supply of all three filling lines with good empties (in 20-, 24 - and 11-bottle crates) . We once again thank for the confidence and the excellent cooperation with ERDINGER - and look forward to new projects!




Support of young talents

Support of young talents: Students of the FH Soest at vision-tec

End of November, 18 students of the University of Soest accompanied by Prof. Dr. ing. André Goeke were our guests. The participants of the study module 'Project work', which is taught by our colleague Kornelius Böcher (responsible for the technical documentation at vision-tec) are students from the 3rd semester. The excursion was intended to deepen the information of a sorting plant mediated in the theoretical lessons and via video through practical demonstration and presentation.

After a presentation of the company by our Managing Director Claudia Wilke and speeches by Uwe Schneider (construction), Benjamin Otte (software development) and Torsten Thiel (service), the goup went into the production, where the machine could be watched in function. The questions of the guests were answered by Christoph Michels (sorting robot) and Benjamin Otte (empties inspection). At the same time the students could go on with one of their practical tasks: create high-quality photos of machine components. Afterwards, the participants were divided into small groups to research discussions in the various departments. Here they could gain a practical insight into the interfaces between the various departments - with a focus on the key processes of the technical editorial - and meet the next practical task: the exercise of information discovery (research), which represents a further focus of the wide-ranging curriculum.

We like to thank again for the visit and the constructive discussions and wish success for their further studies to the guests!

Impressions of the visit


drinktec 2017

A big thank you to our customers! We have seen many well-known, but also new faces and had interesting discussions. We are pleased with so much positive feedback and look forward to continue the successful cooperations.

There is also a very big thank you to all active colleagues who have put their energy into the fair and made five successful days possible.

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Sorting line Erdinger Weissbräu

As general contractor, vision-tec could optimally bring its core competence for inspection systems and sorting robots in the sorting facility.

The patent sorting robot is capable of sorting crates with different pockets at the same time. So 3 types of crates for 3 filling lines can be sorted at the same time in the erdinger brewery.

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They identify each bottle

In the issue of 07.06.2017, the local newspaper HNA has reported in the special section "Made in Kassel" about vision-tec .

Read the > article (PDF, german).

Summer celebration 2016

Pics from the Summer celebration 2016

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New headquarters

New headquarters

New headquarters

We are moved!

From the 01.08.2016, we have a new address:

vision-tec gmbh
Otto-Hahn-Straße 5
34123 Kassel

Our production could already move into the nice new Hall in Kassel Waldau. The Administration remains in Fuldabrück for now, but is going to move after completion of the new office building (expected early next year).
We are pleased about the new site that allows an improved inventory management, flexible workflows and a more efficient production by the large warehouse space. Plenty of space, modern equipment and perfectly designed workplaces contribute to a further increase of our quality and performance.


Empties sorting on the date

Once again, the Brauwelt reported about an empties sorting system with vision-tec products. In edition 28-29 2016 the new sorting of the Darguner brewery is presented.

Read more in the > article (PDF in german).

BrauBeviale 2015

BrauBeviale 2015

Many thanks to all visitors,
old and new customers.
- and our entire Messe team (before and behind the scenes)!

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New ways in the empties sorting

In edition 42-43 2015 the german journal "Brauwelt" reported on the problems for empties sorting the Paderborner brewery, which were solved by the Know-How and the innovative ideas of vision-tec.

Read more in the > article (PDF in german).


vision-tec growth on

The very good acceptance of our product innovations and the changed market situation have induced us to hire new employees with experience in the areas of service, project management and programming.

Currently, our  team consists of 53 employees.

Thus we meet the requirements of the market in all areas like:

  • Development of innovative products
  • plant planning
  • timely project execution
  • Support and optimization of existing plants
  • Developing "service 24/7" about Sophos server architecture

At this point, also a heartfelt thanks to all the staff and all the customers who have supported us so far on our way and will accompany us further!

Autumn celebration 2015

Pics from the autumn celebration 2015

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Automatic sorting of bottles in the crate

(video in german)

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Brau Beviale 2014

Brau Beviale 2014

    Good products
+ a great team
+ satisfied customers
= a great trade fair success!

Many thanks to all visitors!

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Summer celebration 2014

Pics from the Summer celebration 2014

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Repackaging - unpack - packing...

(video in german)

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drinktec 2013

drinktec 2013

Thank you for your visit!

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