Crate inspection units

Our crate inspections are designed in a modular way, so that a later extension of an existing system is possible with only little effort.

We generally use ageing-resistant and low-maintenance LED-lightings operating in a flashed mode, so that the energy consumption is reduced to a minimum and that no lost heat occurs.


  • crate identification / crate logo detection (1- to 4-sided)
    from the simple crate identification up to the 4-sided quality inspection (damage, dirt, stickers).
  • Basic module "vertical picture" with additional ultrasonic sensors
    for the inspection of bottle height, bottle color, bottle caps, crate geometry, handle bars, foreign objects/unpacking.
  • Module "inclined picture"
    for the detection of significant bottle contour differences above the partition walls, detection of bottle labels and the bottle color in the mouth area.
  • Additional module "inclined pictures with UV light"
    for the differentiation between glass and PET bottles, for the recognition of UV-marked labels and for the evaluation of the bottle contour in the area of the mouth/shoulder of the bottle.
  • Module "Multi camera system"
    For this module one camera / lighting unit is mounted for each bottle row,  according to the running direction of the crate, so that a picture is taken of each single bottle in the crate. With a lighting technology developed specially for this purpose all bottles - including the bottles in the corner partitions - are perfectly illuminated, so excellent pictures and consequently an excellent picture evaluation is possible.
    • Inspection criteria
      Detection of the bottle diameter (with significant differences), detection of branding with significant embossing, bottle color detection, detection of label shapes (in particular for bottles with conical neck), detection of swing tops and bottle neck contours.

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