Realization of multiple tasks with one machine in a small space.

  • Repackaging of full bottles from 20-bottle to 11-bottle crates
  • Repackaging of unsorted empties from 11-bottle to 20-bottle crates
  • Packing of bottle pulks in wrap-around packaging (sixpacks)
  • Packaging of six-packs in a crate or tray.


  • separation of processes (filling/packing)
  • longer filling cycles without changeover
  • rminimized stock (as a result of order-related packaging)
  • cost-efficient packing even for small batches
  • small investment needs
  • low space requirement
  • compact system
  • high flexibility due to modular design
  • realization of different (customer-related) tasks with one system
  • performance (10,000 bph) designed for energy efficiency and customer benefits

Product example (Wernesgrüner Brauerei):

​ (video in german)


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