Sorting robot

for automatic sorting of bottles in the continuous passing crate.

The robot is - depending on the available space and task - scalable or expandable. It works with several single sorting stations, each equipped with two packing bells. One packing bell is responsible for removing the foreign bottle, the other packing bell is responsible for placing the correct bottle. The correct bottle is directly brought from the storing magazine so that the travelling distances are reduced to a minimum.

Both sorting steps (removing of foreign bottles and placing of correct bottles) occur during the crates are running through the sorting robot; i.e. the sorting heads with the packing bells move together with the crates in the speed of the conveyor. It is not necessary to stop the crates. The speed (and also the capacity of sorting) is kept constant.

Due to the fact that each sorting station is responsible only for one bottle and that the packing bells may reach every position in the crate, it is possible to sort different crate types at the same time. The only precondition is the same dimension of one side of the crates, quantity of pockets (bottles) and bottom structure of the crate are irrelevant. So it is even possible to sort (which is standard practice in Germany) crates with 20, 24 and 11 bottles at the same time. A change over resp. special format sets are not necessary.

The capacity of the sorting robot is - dependent on stage of extension - approx. 1,200 crates per hour.


product example (Erdinger Weissbräu, Erding):


product example (Sternquell-Brauerei, Plauen):

(video in english)


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