Crate segment rejectors

Our crate segment rejectors have individually foldable rejection segments, which allow a high crate throughput with a small gap due to their form of movement. Due to the continuous guidance of the crate, its running direction does not change during rejection; it is practically impossible to twist the crates. The segment rejectors can be used to divert individual crates as well as distribute crates in several ways.

crate segment rejectors
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Crate segment rejection in the new filling line 4 of Bitburger Brauerei:

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Crate pusher

The crate pusher is placed above the conveyor belt. The crates are pulled out of the crate flow with the aid of a paddle and moved to the adjacent belt or a 90° discharge belt.


  • electro-pneumatic
  • electrical with linear drive

Bottle rejector

The reliable rejection of incorrect or faulty bottles is one of the most important tasks before and after the filling process, as is the distribution of different bottles in the sorting process.

Depending on the task (distribution, vertical rejection or pushing-out into a bucket), capacity and container format (glass or PET bottles or special containers), the following rejection systems are used:

  • bottle segment rejector
  • roto-pusher
  • bottle pusher
vision-tec rotopusher

Bottle segment rejector

The standing rejection of bottles is realized by a system of individual segments which simulate a curve. The bottle segment rejector is operated electro-pneumatically and has an independent electronic unit which calculates the speed-optimized path/time for the reject segments.

vision-tec bottle segment rejector

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