Empty pallet inspection

Inspection of:

  • Pallet dimensions
  • Pressure test with analogue displacement measuring system
  • Cover boards
  • Bottom boards
  • Forklift slot check
  • Quality inspection of the blocks
  • Tensile test
  • Weighing device
  • Brushing from the top
  • Suction system
vision-tec empty pallet inspection screen mask

Pallet loading control

With the increasing variety of incoming empties, the detection of empties directly on the pallet is a great help for the evaluation of the delivery and for the further processing of the pallets. For example, in a sorting plant, the incoming empties pallets can already be checked for unloadability and then distributed to the respective unloading areas (automatic depalletizer, chaos-cube-depalletizer, manual depalletizer).

Through the use of artificial intelligence, the image recordings from different sites can be at additional locations.

vision-tec pallet loading inspection screen mask

Example (Palletizing)

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