Environmental protection / sustainability

Environmental protection and sustainability – More than just buzzwords

Reusable cycle

We already contribute to environmental protection through our main business segment – the sorting of reusable empties – by helping our customers in the beverage industry to further optimise the reusable cycle. However, environmental protection and sustainability also play a major role for us beyond this:

Sustainable products

This starts with the smallest details: For example, we only use long-life LED illuminants for our detection systems. The illuminators operate in flashed mode – i.e. only when they are actually needed, so that energy consumption is kept to a minimum and virtually no waste heat is generated. Our machines are constructed from reusable raw materials and can be easily disposed of and recycled at the end of their service life. We completely dispense with detection technologies that pose disposal problems (such as X-rays).

Sustainable plants

The fact that our systems detect and sort the returnable bottles already in the crate eliminates unnecessary work steps such as unpacking and repacking the bottles. This means that long conveyor lines for individual bottles and empty crates can be dispensed with, which is not only space-saving but also enormously energy-saving.

Central and regional

We avoid unnecessary transport routes and manufacture at one location: Kassel. We also pay attention to regionality in purchasing: we source more than 99% of our production parts in Germany, a large part of them from suppliers in and around Kassel. Our machines are all equipped with remote maintenance so that we can support our customers quickly and easily without travelling.

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