Repacking into the endless crate

In issue 11 2020, Brauwelt reported on the repackaging plant at the Sternquell Brewery, which was planned and implemented by vision-tec as general contractor. The special feature of the system is that crates are automatically repacked and both clip-on and crown cork bottles can be packed in different crates completely independently of the crate [...]

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At the forefront

The Brewing and Beverage Industry INTERNATIONAL reports in issue 5/2018 about the modern recognition technology and robotics in the sorting of the Paderborn brewery. There, a complete sorting and repackaging system for up to seven crate respectively bottle types was created in a minimum of space with an automatic guided vehicle taking care of [...]

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Innovative empties sorting

The BRAUWELT reported in the issue 3/2018 of the sorting plant at the Privatbrauerei Erdinger Weißbräu, which was planned and realized by vision-tec as the general contractor. The focus was on the special requirements of the brewery. How vision-tec has implemented this and how the supply of all three filling lines with pure empties [...]

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New ways in the empties sorting

In edition 42-43 2015 the german journal "Brauwelt" reported on the problems for empties sorting the Paderborner brewery, which were solved by the Know-How and the innovative ideas of vision-tec. Read more in the > article (PDF in german). Back to the article overview

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