First-hand information. Our employees introduce themselves.

vision-tec is a company with great prospects.

We accompany and support the careers of our employees starting on your first day on the job. Whether you come to us as an apprentice, student or trained professional, we are committed to your personal and career development.

But read for yourself…:

Velimir Bostjancic,
Head of mechanical Workshop

Quote: „The Tesla of bottle sorting (Elon Musk is lucky we don’t build cars).“

Alexander Döring,
Deputy Production Manager

Quote: „I have now been working at vision-tec for 8 years. I started in the electrical workshop, then worked in service for 5 years and have been Deputy Production Manager for about 2 years.“

Vivien Maenz,
Head of Commercial Service

Quote: „I work in the service department, which mainly includes handling spare parts and planning customer service assignments.“

vivien maenz

Adrian Przybylski,
Software Developer 

Quote: „My tasks are varied and fascinating. So I never stop learning, but gain new experiences. If something is tricky, my competent and creative colleagues are there to help me.“

Katja Sattler,
Director / Finance

Quote: „The biggest challenge in my day-to-day work is maintaining a balance between working closely with employees on a personal level and at the same time making strategic decisions at the highest level and implementing them effectively.“

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