Hassia Mineralquellen also recently faced the challenge of replacing the “old” green GDB bottle with the “new” white GDB-N2 bottle – and together with their partner vision-tec they have developed an idea that is as simple as it is innovative:

Hassia has been using a vision-tec sorting robot for more than 5 years now. Previously, the robot was only responsible for sorting the bottles in the crates. Now the question arose as to whether it could not also be used for the new task. If you do have the wrong bottle in your hand (or in the packing tulips), why not dispose of it immediately and replace it with the new bottle? And this in the ongoing sorting process for the returning empties? No new machines, no additional work processes. The idea simply had charm. And was implemented in exactly this way.

For this purpose, the existing crate inspection systems were equipped with the future-oriented GDB inspection technology from vision-tec. With the additional inspection module with inclined arranged camera systems, the bottle contours of the GDB bottle “old” and the GDB bottle “new” are reliably distinguished from one another.

The sorting robot has been extended to include a new glass infeed. The GDB-N2 bottles coming from the new glass feeder run onto the new bottle conveyor in the robot. At first they run in the direction of the crates, are deflected by 180° at the end of the robot and return on the adjacent belt against the direction of crate travel, so that practically “double the space” (and “double the time”) is available for the removal of the new glass bottles. In this way, crates filled with GDB-N2 bottles are now produced during the sorting process.

The “old” (green) bottles are either collected in the crate, where the required crates are provided by the empty crate feeder, or the bottles are disposed of by a built-in discharge conveyor. These bottles can be transported away via the conveyor for disposal.

No new machines, no additional work processes. And furthermore a cost-effective alternative that the company can also use flexibly for the future. Hassia is more than satisfied with the solution.

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