The Genossenschaft Deutscher Brunnen (GDB) has developed a new graceful white glass bottle. The new “N2” bottle is almost identical to its predecessor, the white “Perlenflasche”, both in height and diameter, so that it can be filled by all members in existing plants without any major changes. A distinction between the two bottles is only possible on the basis of the contour.

In order to recognize the contour of this bottle in the crate and thus enable effective (pre-)sorting, a method had to be developed which realizes a high-contrast, easily evaluable image of the bottle to be recognized per row in the crate.

The company vision-tec gmbh from Kassel, best known among the breweries for its patented multi-camera system for the inspection of individual bottles, has now developed a special procedure including suitable evaluation software for exactly this task. In addition to differentiating between the “old” and the “new” GDB white glass bottles, individual bottles with significant contour differences are also detected with an accuracy of over 99 %.

A further advantage of the system: existing AFG inspections from vision-tec can be easily retrofitted with the new module.

With this innovation, vision-tec shows once again that the development of inspection technology can keep pace with the new creations of the market!

Inspection examples:

Unterscheidung GDB alt neu

Differentiation GDB old new

Differentiation individual bottles

Video: Application example (Hassia)

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