Simultaneous sorting of 0.33 l to 1.0 l bottles

Our sorting robot can now do even more! Due to the automatic speed adjustment of the cylinders, bottles with a height difference of up to 100 mm can be sorted simultaneously. In addition, crate widths of 265-305 mm are processed simultaneously. This is particularly good news for our customers in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. [...]

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Alles in bester Ordnung!

(Everything in perfect order!) That could be our slogan. Of course. 😊 But in this case it's about Natja Brunckhorst's new film with the same title. Starring: Corinna Harfouch, Daniel Sträßer, Joachim Król and ... our sorting robot! We had the pleasure of attending the premiere in Essen on 16.05.2022 and can highly recommend [...]

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Video of the sorting plant in the Holsten brewery

For the Holsten brewery in Hamburg we planned and realised the sorting plant. Here the crates of the Carlsberg Group are now sorted around the clock. Below is a brief summary of the highlights: changeover-free sorting of 3 crate formats (20, 24 and 27-bottle crates) 27-bottle crates regardless of alignment in the entire plant [...]

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The „green” sorting concept

Effective sorting of the main types by direct exchange. The problems are well-known, especially to our customers with several production types and those who collect additional bottle types for exchange with their market companions. These are staff shortages, increasing variety of types and limited availability of empty crates. The latter, in both manual and [...]

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Autumn celebration 2021

Good vibes, an unexpected burst of sunshine, served with a cold beer, finally our first post-pandemic event could take place. We got together for an autumn celebration at our company with beautiful weather and good food. After the Corona crisis, we celebrated the team spirit of vision-tec staff and raised our glasses to a [...]

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Congratulations on passing the final examination

With her training certificate in the bag, Jenifer Akst’s career is kicking into high gear. We are very proud that our trainee Jenifer has successfully completed her training (office management assistant) with flying colors. We are especially pleased that she will continue to be part of our team and take on new exciting tasks [...]

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GDB-N2 bottle – Innovative repackaging solution at Hassia Mineralquellen

Hassia Mineralquellen also recently faced the challenge of replacing the "old" green GDB bottle with the "new" white GDB-N2 bottle - and together with their partner vision-tec they have developed an idea that is as simple as it is innovative: Hassia has been using a vision-tec sorting robot for more than 5 years now. [...]

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